Houston Police Breaking The Law

As my friend and I were merging to another freeway we were tailgated by Police officer on a motorcycle. Not just tailgating but he was so close we could reach out and touch him. Very dangerous indeed. So then the officer fly’s by me at a high rate very close to my chevette nearly hitting us so then I follow with all cameras rolling.

I noticed he was taking off his name badge prior to him slamming on his breaks hard trying to cause an accident. I was to far away for that to happen but he needed an excuse to pull me over even though that was not an excuse as I have broken no laws. As he slammed on his breaks I could not move onto the other lane he was pointing to as there was oncoming traffic. This would of caused an accident for sure. Then after blowing my horn at him and going by him, he then pulls me over.

People, this is intimidation attempt, harassment , and abusing the badge if I have ever seen.

The Houston Watch is made up of several citizens who document the double standards displayed daily by law enforcement or public officials. This is contributed to several reasons such as:

– The lack of officers, deputies, etc upholding their oath to defend our constitutional rights is becoming normal and too often.
– Brutal and obvious violations of citizens constitutional rights seem to be on the rise.
– Harassment to citizens seems to be common practice and with some unacceptable excuse such as “Terry Stop”
– Illegal search and seizures or unconstitutional stops such a DWI Check points.

Just to name a few…..

We are very appreciative of the outstanding law enforcement officers that work with the community and not against as there are many. However it’s a shame that it seems that all have not attended the same training class of those we applaud. One officer can make not only make the department look very bad but the entire judicial system created throughout.

I will always record around me and I suggest you do the same !! Whatever the case, always film the police at a safe distance without interfering during their stop and certainly if you are ever stopped. Always, if possible, have another person with you who is also recording. (recommend Bambuser application for smart phones)
The camera is your friend and will protect you. Stand up and utilize your constitutional rights all times!

I know there will be some people who comment on here that will be for the police officer and I expect that (most likely because they are in law enforcement or related to someone who is or was. However you will receive no commit from me as it will not be warranted. Also any other stupid comment will not be responded to, only those will intelligent questions that are of interests.


25 Responses to Houston Police Breaking The Law

  1. The Houston Watch says:

    I normally use a hero 3 but this one on the car mount always runs and keeps
    6 hours of 1080 video with a continued loop. Its a abee v50 that i got off
    ebay for 150 bucks and then bought a 32 gig tf card. I have them in all my

  2. Joy Betain says:

    Supervisor is impressive. Maybe it’s the cameras.

  3. Uta Dat tokyo Ghoul says:

    Why did you execrate like that, It was cocky and stupid. 

  4. RyanStrauchOfficial says:

    Little tough guys. Go home trust fund baby

  5. 37parman says:

    Summed it all up at the end when he said ‘if it weren’t for the
    cameras”…there definitely would have been a different ending to the
    story. Cops are more corrupt than politicians and they’ll lie any time they
    need to.

  6. Konkoly says:

    Nice car man.

  7. Don Quixote says:

    Waisting police time to make a Youtube video. Not clever

  8. steve mills says:

    Wow. A Chevette. I gotta lot of memories driving one around back in the
    day. The “Iron Duke” was a good, dependable motor.

  9. Waken2Productions says:

    Your voice is hot

  10. David Johnson says:

    Nicely done. Ignore the boot licking chumps on here who haven’t woken up

  11. 0utkassed says:

    It’s funny when people say “not all cops are bad.” That’s like saying “not
    all Nazis were bad.” You idiots. Cops aren’t working for us they’re working
    for politicians.

  12. Tom Tierney says:

    Obviously pulling off his name badge he knew he was in the wrong and trying
    to do damage control. I’m sure that wasn’t his first rodeo doing that.

    Keep up the good work cowboy, you’re doing a good job. By the way, I’m sure
    the negative comments are all from dirty cops. Ignore their comments. They
    were probably abused as kids anyway and this is their way of venting.

    Oh, to RyanStrauchOfficial – about your trust fund baby comment – are you
    jealous or pissed because your job is standing at a drive up window and
    asking people if they want fries with their order? Ryan, jealousy is so

  13. tailpost says:

    You really ARE correct…if you didn’t have the cameras, it would have been
    jail time for you my man (or at least a beating MINIMUM).

  14. PlanetRockJesus says:

    Great video. Amazing what they’ll do to cover their criminality. I once
    followed a deputy for 15 miles. He was going 80-85 mph between towns here
    in Wisconsin. I had no moral problem following him at that speed, as he was
    doing the same.

  15. T.H.C Mcgee says:

    Idk what kinda car ya got there but definitely the high light of this video

  16. xxYouTub3Policexx says:

    Why is he blocking his face from the camera? Embarrassment?

    So what was the point of harassing the officer and driving recklessly?

  17. John Ray says:

    His hand was on his gun the WHOLE time. This is exactly what’s wrong with
    the police department. One sign of resistance, and they go straight for
    their post lethal weapon. It’s disgusting.

  18. Samantha Medina says:

    Right on ! scum bags 

  19. No Restrictions VRD Play says:

    Get a fucking life 

  20. Felis Chaus says:

    Many police officers speed when they shouldn’t, but they get away with it.
    But if you speed they write you up. Hypocrites…

  21. jimmy thehat says:

    useless pigs terrorizing people.

  22. Jim Rodriguez says:

    guy – 1 motor cop – 0

  23. Zach Hauser says:

    “Why were you reving your engine so fast?” Lol WHAT?

  24. Kika Barajas says:

    Great video, stand up for what is right and check those sorry cops that
    abuse the badge and public trust. I hope youbdid file a harassment and a
    public &motorist endangerment the cop caused for nonjustified non emergency
    excessive speed.

  25. thumbs-up defender's says:

    What a piece of crap, if you hate the cops so much just get out of your car
    and start swinging on them punk. Scared to show your face, typical.

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