DWI Lawyer In Fort Bend

This weekend the police in Fort Bend County are expecting record numbers of arrests for DWI. They will be out in force to keep the Memorial Day drunk drivers in check.

We are always glad to support the boys in blue and we are making this post to remind you guys to always designate a driver.

Top 10 Reason to Not Drink and Drive

  1. You could kill somebody.
  2. You could kill yourself
  3. You will spend about $20,000 in lawyer fees, court fees, and criminal fines.
  4. It’s just too darn easy to designate a driver.
  5. It’s even easier to just call a cab.
  6. You are way too cute to spend time in jail.
  7. A Driving While Intoxicated conviction will stay on your record forever.
  8. You could lose your driver’s license forever.
  9. You could lose your job.
  10. You could lose your freedom.

As you can see, there really is no good reason for anyone to ever drive drunk. It’s a stupid crime committed by people who should really know better.

You do not want to face a Texas drug in these circumstances. They are notoriously hard on DWI offenders.

How to Find a Good DWI Lawyer

Most people find their DWI lawyer on the internet. We did a Google search for “DWI Lawyer” and we found the Law Office of Matt DeLuca. Mr. DeLuca is a DWI Lawyer from the University of Houston Law Center. We’ve read several of his reviews online, and most of his clients are very please with his work.

We don’t recommend that you just hire the first lawyer who pops up on a Google search. It is your responsibility to do your research and find the best DWI Lawyer that you can afford.

The lawyer you hire should have tons of experience in DWI law. He should have a good mix of reviews on a Yelp page or Google Plus page. He (or she) should be accredited by the State Bar.

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