Cook IVC Filter Lawsuit 2017 Update Houston Lawyer


There has been multiple complaints about the design of the Intra-veinous filters designed to catch blood clots (for patients who are unable to take blood thinning meds).


What dangers are involved with these IVC Filters?


What did the company know about these filter…and when did they know it?


Has the FDA become completely dysfunctional?

Are experts claiming that this IVC Filter never should have been approved or passed trials?

What is it?

ivc-filter-lawsuit-injury-lawyer-in-houston-txThe IVC Filter is a device designed to prevent blood clots from passing, i.e., causing a pulmonary embolism. These are implanted in the inferior vena cava (IVC) which is the largest blood vessel.

The filters were permanent, and didn’t really cause much harm, however, when certain manufacturers tried to get into the “retrievable” IVC filter business, then that’s when the danger started to arise. Did the “marketers” ruin this product? Possibly

In making the filter retrievable, we saw a weakened filter that was susceptible to breaking, or migrating through the vessels, or even perforating the blood vessel that is was implanted in.

As you can imagine, this causes many different adverse medical effect.

Sadly, it seems that the decision for this redesign…or the decision to enter the retrievable market, was largely a financial one.

Now you have these court cases arising because this product has seriously injured many patients.

We here at Piombo World of News can’t help but imagine that big business has once again ruined a medical product…and the lives of many people whom it was designed to help.

Enter the personal injury lawyers….

We have found many lawyers who are beginning to take a closer look at this litigation, mainly because clients are calling their office with requests for free case evaluations after using this product.

See also…Houston injury attorney – website

And on YouTube, we found another video, with yet another lawyer having to step in and hold Big Business Big Medicine accountable.

Of course the medical industry here in Houston continues to thrive, but because we are a Houston based publication (with national distribution) we are forced to use our platform to contribute to keeping these med manufacturers accountable.

So if you’ve been hurt by any defective medical product, then we suggest calling a local attorney first, and if they are not taking these cases, then start searching on a national scale.

A simple Google search on this matter turned up this Houston based accident / injury lawyer.


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