New Jersey

Linda Khorozian

Linda Khorozian is a New Jersey injury attorney primarily located in the Bergen County area. You should always be aware that no matter where or how you get injured, there may be a lawyer who can help you recover for your injuries (assuming the injury is the fault of someone’s negligent acts). If you are injured from a slip and fall accident, your attorney will gather evidence that another party is liable for your injuries. He or she will attempt to establish liability by determining if the property owner is responsible for your fall. This could be because they took action or did not take action that allowed a dangerous slip and fall condition to manifest. Liability can be established in these ways: The property owner caused the hazardous condition by failing to do something. For example, he may have decided to not bother to salt the sidewalk on the property during an ice storm. The property owner was aware of the dangerous condition and did not remove it. The property owner should have been aware of the dangerous situation, as a ‘reasonable person’ would have known about it. You can find the Khorozian Law Group online here. Linda focuses on auto accident injury law, wrongful death law, slip & fall accidents, and all major injuries. Her main focus is helping her clients get their life back to normal after a tragic accident may have completely turned their life upside down. Many people don’t realize how medical bills, damaged property, and the realities of often fatal accidents can put your life in turmoil. But we have seen Linda doing such great work that we felt it was important to highlight here (and other attorneys like her) in this news magazine. Keep up the great work Linda!